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How We Have Helped Our Clients...

Their words... Not ours!


Increased Revenues

“Our review scores went up from 4.4 to 4.8.  Our occupancy increased and now we have a waiting list.  We are discussing if we increase our fees”


Improved Compliance

“I showed it to our inspector, and she was blown away.  She said this survey and its results gave her evidence that we met several regulations”


Free Up Staff & Money

“This is significantly cheaper than if we did it ourselves”
“This was so painless.  We barely felt we had to lift a finger.  Our team used the additional time engaging with our residents”


Deeper Insights &  Benchmarks

“We have done this for years, but we have never had insights this thorough before”


Reduced Turnover / Reliance on Agency

“Our staff are more engaged and have a greater trust in leadership.  Fewer leave and we have more continuity of care”


Lower Risk of Complaints

“We acted on concerns raised and haven’t had a single complaint for 8 months”

Can We Help You Achieve Some of the Above? 

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