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Obtaining Actionable Insights can be Hard. We Make It Easy.

....and deliver many more ancillary benefits that makes running your senior living service easier.

Benchmarked Data

Learn how your care home / senior living service compares against your peers (in your organization, trade association, or region).  Being able to compare your performance with others as well as your past performance can highlight where you need to focus your service improvement priorities. 

Save Time

Sending out and collating stakeholder feedback is a time consuming process.  Let us do the hard work and free up your management and administrative time to focus directly on activities which will improve the quality of life for the residents in your care. 

Catch Concerns Before  they Become Complaints

Identify risks and potentially dissatisfied residents and stakeholders early, understand the nature of their concerns and give your service the opportunity of dealing with them before they become complaints or worse. 

This level of responsiveness will "wow" your stakeholders, prove you care, and win you countless advocates. 

Easier Inspections

Inspectors and Accreditation Surveyors are always on the look out for evidence to support their findings.  Use ResidentViews to hand it to them on a silver platter. 


Do they want evidence to show that you are engaging your stakeholders for feedback?  Do they want evidence that you have enough staff available to meet the needs of your clients? 


ResdientViews helps

Increase Occupancy

Reviews influence a potential resident's decision to stay with you.  Having higher review scores than your neighbours places you at the top of their wish list. 

Have you wished you knew exactly who to ask to give you 5* reviews?  Have you wished you knew what they would report before they posted the review? 

We give you those answers!

Increase Stakeholder Trust

Wouldn't your culture of openness and transparency improve if your residents knew their concerns would be heard by management?  

What if your team members knew that their suggestions and feedback would be taken seriously by senior leaders?  

Ready to Level Up Your Senior Living Service?

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