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Innovating Senior Care Insights

We have taken something tedious and painful, resident and relative surveys, and turned it into a game-changing tool that transforms how you make decisions within your organizations.  How did we do this?

We've upgraded the way we capture information and built an analytics engine that gives you more detailed insights than you have ever had access to before. 

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Getting Great Feedback

The Resident Views platform has been designed to engage your stakeholders and enable them to quickly and easily give you the feedback that you need

Easy Distribution

You can share your survey links digitally via any medium you use to connect with your stakeholders.  Better yet, they can simply complete the survey how they prefer (smart phone, tablet, PC, or paper) which results in maximum participation

Expert Designed Questions

Our surveys have been designed by experts in senior care and survey design for older adults.  Everything we ask, and even how we ask it, has been thoughtfully designed to enable super high response rates that give you the feedback insights you need

Smart Question Paths

No 100+ question surveys here. Our smart surveys learn about your stakeholders on the fly asking only the questions it needs to to get you the feedback you need.  This ensures that your respondents are engaged throughout the process 

What We Tell You

We don't just give you a bunch of numbers and scores in a report.  We go so much deeper.  We generate thoughtful insights that allow you to take meaningful action within your communities 

Working with Financial Documents
Benchmarked Data

We enable you to compare your scores within your organization, region, or service type

Your Biggest Advocates

We tell you which residents/relatives are likely to refer their friends to you and who is most likely to give you 5 star online reviews

Home Nurse Making Bed
Prioritized Improvement Opportunities

We tell you exactly what your stakeholders feel you need to work on with what level of urgency

Business meeting
Your Stakeholders' Best Ideas

We allow your stakeholders brainstorm with you and share their best ideas with your team.  Talk about allowing the best ideas to bubble to the top! 

Senior Portrait
Likely Complaints

We identify which residents & relatives have concerns that could escalate.  Better yet, we tell you exactly what those concerns are

Proud Grandparents
Levels of Stakeholder Engagement

We quantify how engaged your stakeholders are.  We tell you how comfortable they feel sharing their feedback with you and how likely they are to speak positively about you in public

Do You Want these Insights for Your Community?

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