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Get Detailed Senior Care Insights

Use resident data & analytics to increase revenue, improve compliance, and
reduce reliance on agency staff while driving better resident outcomes!

Nursing Home

Leverage Your Community

Your residents, their family members and advocates, your team members, visiting healthcare professionals and social workers all interact with your service daily and ALL have the same objective... To improve the quality of life for your residents


We help collect, organize, and analyze their insights so you know where to focus your time, effort, and resources to grow your organization while driving better experiences for your residents.

Elevate your Service

Increase Occupancy and Room Rates to Drive Greater Revenues

Reduce Employee Turnover and Reliance on Agencies

Receive Deeper Insights and Industry Benchmarks

Improve Ease of Compliance

How It Works

Survey Setup

We build your custom surveys and share your unique url's with you


Your stakeholders easily complete their surveys on their smart phones, tablets, or computers


You share your survey links with your stakeholders via your preferred mediums

Analytics & Reporting

We work our magic and return you detailed reports and analytics that will blow your mind


What our clients are saying

"We recently started using the online questionnaires and it has transformed the way we source feedback. It has given us greater insight[s], which has enabled us to use the collected feedback to improve the service delivery."

Faye J., Clinical Services Manager 

Our Network of Partners and International Accreditors

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